Our mission is to give children in less fortunate countries unlimited opportunities to improve their lives through education. We strive to be part of transforming the lives of millions of children through education in the most under deserved villages around the world.


Our vision is to see communities using local resources to provide their children with EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, and help uplift economic and social status with locally applicable solutions that last.

Our Approach-

Principle One: Build from Community Success: People’s energy and creativity expand as they realize that they are capable of controlling the challenges in their lives.

Principle Two: Three-way Partnerships: The community is an essential partner. But communities need help from officials, who can adjust policies and regulations to facilitate cooperation among factions and channel external resources. Communities also need help from experts who can build capacity by training, introduce new ideas, and help monitor change.


Principle Three: Evidence-based Decision-making: Action is effective when grounded in objective data.

Principle Four: Changes in Community Behavior: To achieve lasting results the community must also change behaviors