Our New School Opens September 23rd 2019!


january 2019 update: Check out our progress!

The roofing process is nearly complete on our Mehmeh Town school- the most significant and costly step in construction. Once the zinc roofing is in place, there remain only the finishing external touches, and we will have a new building!

It is essential that we finish this process by March 2019 so that we can dive into the management and functional aspects of the school, including furnishing, obtaining supplies, hiring staff, and finalizing the curriculum. As always, your help and support makes a difference!

February 2019: The roof on our school is complete!

The roof is almost fully installed as of 1/26/19!


About mehmeh town

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Mehmeh Town is a village within the city of Brewerville located close to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Residents are engaged mostly in small farming, and men frequently go into Monrovia to search for small jobs during the day. It is one of the poorest places in the country, with very low literacy and school attendance rates. In Liberia, only about 40% of students who should be in primary school actually attend- and even less do in Mehmeh Town. Mehmeh Town has a large youth population, which only accentuates the importance of educating its children. Due to a lack of sanitary facilities and clean water, the village was strongly affected by Liberia’s recent Ebola epidemic. Most of the families there experienced a loss of some sort from Ebola.

NDHope chose to work in Mehmeh Town for two reasons: its profound need for educational and social services, and its proximity to the NDHope Troyah Town school that was demolished in 2016. Since then, we have developed a strong professional and personal relationship with the community, and we are dedicated to accompanying community members on their journey toward a better life.