Ebenezer Norman


Ebenezer S. Norman, is a Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) and the president of A New Dimension of Hope. He obtained a bachelor degree in organization development and working on his Master of Development Practice  from Regis University. Norman has served as a leader for many organizations including the “Father’s Project.” In 2013, he was a nominee of the “World of Children” award. He has aspirations that extend beyond personal success, and is deeply invested in his non-profit endeavors. His passion and commitment to change the world is what drives Norman daily.  He has sacrificed tremendously to launch and maintain A New Dimension of Hope, and has dramatically impacted the future scholastic opportunities for his first, chosen Liberian community. He has been recognized for his work with children both nationally and internationally. 

Josh Dunn


Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Josh Dunn was inspired by his parents' medical work in Kenya. Since his teenage years Josh has been an active member for multiple charities including Casa Guatemala and Matibabu Kenya. Josh joined NDHope in the Summer of 2014. He earned his degree from CU Denver in English Literature and History.

Tyler Fey

Tyler Fey is a Denver native who currently runs his own business Feyline Entertainment. Tyler is the son of music mogul and legendary concert promoter Barry Fey. Tyler certainly developed his love of music due to his father's passion and commitment. However, Tyler has is own interests and has actively participated in projects aimed at giving back and empowering communities. At 13, Tyler successfully raised over $20,000 with the organization he created Score for Darfur. Tyler joined NDHope in the summer of 2014 and is dedicated to helping the organization become sustainable and thrive in the future. 

Anthony Angelini

Anthony Angelini is used to being the youngest person in the room. At age 18, Anthony helped his father launch Angelini Trading Company. Anthony serves as the Vice President and the global marketing representative for ATC and has also founded his own division, Angelini Entertainment, which produces non-profit events, throws red-carpet parties, and organizes wine tastings. In the past year alone, Angelini Entertainment has helped raise over $200,000 for various non-profit organizations by consulting on, producing, or sponsoring local fundraisers. Whether it be through providing wine, or producing the event, Anthony is involved in one way or another on multiple red carpet events each week. Now, at age 20, Anthony is directing his passion outward, working directly on NDHope's education campaign in Africa. Anthony believes that "education is the root of all solutions." When it comes to fixing the world's difficulties, and after traveling to Liberia in July 2015 to the dedication of NDHope's first school, he is confident that in his lifetime, education will cease to be just a luxury, but a standard in every impoverished country throughout the world. 


Jabu is a South African artist who has been exhibited worldwide. Brought up in the Apartheid era, he uses his artwork to express his experiences of what is often an unfriendly world, there by bringing a positive element into it. His artwork is unique with a twist of both urban and contemporary touch. The rich and vibrant colors capture diverse appeal from abstract work to artwork inspired by elements and tapestry from his African background. Jabu joined the NDHope team in the spring of 2016. Jabu is thrilled to use his art and message to promote and sustain A New Dimension of Hope’s educational goals.